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Hello Guys, In this instructable, I'm making an awesome Bluetooth speaker. which also has an inbuilt charging feature.

Specs & Features:
Dual 100W Full- Range Speaker

CC16 High- Efficiency Amplifier Module

Inbuilt 5600mAh Powerbank


Bluetooth 4.1

Long Lasting Battery Backup

Step 1: Get Two 100 Watt Speaker

First of all, you need two 100 watt JBL speaker.

Connect the negative and positive wire to both of speaker.

Then You need below products to make this...

1) Cement and water

2) CC

Step 2: Make Concrete Outer Box

Then make one 33 cm long and 11 cm hight mold with help of PVC pipe and hard sheet.

Then pour the concrete into this mold and take this for 24 hours.

Then disable outer box of PVC pipe and sheet.

Step 3: Stick Two Speaker.

Stick two speaker of JBL to the concrete box using the glue gun.

Step 4: Connect Speaker With Amplifier

Take 16cc power amplifier and connect both speakers with this.

Step 5: Stick Bottom Wood

Take bottom wood and stick it with concrete mold using the glue gun.

Also, stick amplifier module with this concrete box.

Step 6: Make Power Supply

Make power Supply with the charging point.

Take Power bank to get three 18650 lithium battery and make 11.1-volt power supply using 3S charging protection circuit.

Step 7: Pack This Speaker.

Pack this speaker using top wood.

Step 8:

Step 9:

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