Introduction: Bluetooth VS LED

Bluetooth control LED

Step 1: Electronics Components

1. Ardiono NANO

2. HC-05 Bluetooth Module

3. LED 4 piece

4. Resistor 330 ohm

5. Jumper 12 piece

6. Breadboard

Step 2: Wiring Circuit

Step 3: Download Application Blynk and Set Button

Step 4: Download Library Blynk​

Copy and Paste to folder arduino

Library blynk

Step 5: Open Example Code

Step 6: Send Auth Token

Step 7: Check Email

Copy and Paste to "Your Auth Token" in arduino IDE

Step 8: Upload Code

Remove TX RX before upload code

Step 9: Connec TX RX Again

Step 10: Finished!

Step 11: Connec Blurtooth

Name HC-05

Step 12: Try!

Step 13: Please Subscribe

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