Introduction: Knock Knock! Box

Secret push detecting lock box

Step 1: Electronics Components

1. Arduino NANO

2. Servo 9g

3. Push switch

4. Limit switch

5. LED 5mm Red Green Blur

6. Resistor 330 ohm

7. Plastic box

Step 2: Perforate Box and Install LED Switch

Step 3: Hinge

Step 4: Aluminum Angle

Step 5: Install Servo

Step 6: Wiring Circuit

Step 7: Upload Code

Step 8: Finished!

Step 9: First Time Box Lock

Step 10: Set Secret Push

Push switch 1 time.

LED red and green Flash 1 time. after LED green on.

Push limit switch are secret push. Finished still.

after LED red and green Flash as secret push.

all LED off.

Finished set secret push.

Step 11: Try!

At first box lock. Secret push at limit switch.

if correct LED blur and green on. Box openable.

if wrong LED red flash.

Want lock box again. close box and push at limit switch 1 time.

After remove plug. the secrct push is still valid.

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