Introduction: Blushing Mojitos

Mojitos are a perfect when you want a sweet and very refreshing drink to cool off from the summer heat. Blushing Mojitos are an even more delicious twist on the original - they're beautiful, fruity and simply fantastic.



Club Soda

White Rum

Fresh Mint Leaves




...There is no precise recipe here as it's pretty simple to throw together whether you're making a single glass or a large pitcher - the amount of rum, sugar, lime, mint and fruit to soda ratio is really a matter of personal preference anyway...The mocktail or virgin version of this drink also tastes fabulous!

Step 1: Prep

Make simple syrup by dissolving some white sugar in boiling water.

Take your limes, slice half and juice the rest.

Pick some fresh mint leaves from their stalks.

Step 2: Muddle

Put a handful of mint leaves in the bottom of each glass and muddle (grind with a pestle) and add rum, lime juice and syrup. Then muddle some more.

An alternative to making simple syrup is to just use granulated sugar - if you do this, muddle just the sugar and mint together so it will shred the mint leaves into tiny flecks that will slip up the straw with every sip.

Next, add a small handful of fresh raspberries and use the muddler to mash them up and mix into the mojito base. Save a few whole raspberries to add later.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Add in the fresh fruit; peach slices and whole raspberries. Also drop in a couple ice cubes and then fill each glass to the top with club soda. Then sit in the sun and enjoy the fruits of your labour... Happy Canada Day!

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