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Heeello instructables!

I'm a big board game fan and zombicide in particular is one of my favourites but its a 2D board and i like my 3d terrain. It can be a lot of work but in this instructible I am going to share how to make a quick, cheap and easy bit of terrain filler in the form of mini wooden pallets!


wooden drink stirrers (can be obtain for free from take away shops)



A mini b

Step 1: Cutting Out the "planks"

Cut the round end off one of the stirrers and using the base of your mini to measure the length cut out a "plank".

You will need 8 of these (two stirrers should be more than enough)

You will probably have "off cuts" that are too short for planks, DONT THROW THESE AWAY, you will use them shortly.

Step 2: Stick Em Up Pt 1

Take 6 of your planks and arrange them 4 horizontal and 2 vertical (or vice versa doesn't really matter)

Stick the 4 evenly to one of the 2 and then box it off with the other of the 2.

Step 3: Stick Em Up Pt 2

Now take the bits that you didn't throw away and cut them into small squares roughly the width of the stirrer.

Once you have 8 of these glue two stacked on top of each other at each corner to create risers.

once this is done stick the remaining two planks to the adjoining spacers

Step 4: Finished


If you want you can tidy up the edges with some sandpaper or stain them or you can even burn them a bit for that proper apocalyptic feel (OBV BE CAREFULL WITH FIRE!)

as always I hope you enjoyed this instructable and thoughts comments, criticisms and photos of your own mini pallets (possibly in use in board games?) are welcome :)

Happy gaming

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    1 year ago

    Very nice, this adds much atmosphere to the game.

    Barry Neeson
    Barry Neeson

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks :)