Introduction: Bologna Wraps.

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This is one of those what do I have in the icebox to make to eat.  So good that I ate the first one before I could take a picture for the instructable. May seem like an odd sort of ingredients when you see the list, but it really makes we substitued peaches for tomatoes and the sweet potato for the avocado. (Could not find any good avocados at the store.)  Normally I might use cheddar cheese but substitued mozzarella instead as we already had an open package of it. So refreshing and so good is the bologna wrap!!

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Step 1: Ingredients:

1/2 - cup flour
1/4 - cup  water
1 - pinch of salt
1 - Teaspoon cooking oil/salad oil
1 - pinch baking soda
2 - pinches baking powder.

Shredded chedaar cheese (we used mozzarella cheese)
Boiled bell pepper.
Coleslaw (no dressing)
Sweet potato
Garlic powder
Sour cream

Step 2: Wraps:

IN a bowl mix the wrap ingredients (flour, water, and etc) until you get a ball of dough. if it looks too dry, just keep stirring as you do not need anymore liquid.
Spread out the dough into a circular shape to 1/8 inch or so. Whatever thickness you prefer.
Heat up a frying pan to about medium heat. (NO OIL)
Lay the flattened dough in the pan. Heat for a minute or so.
Flip the dough to the other side. you should see some brown marks. that is good.  Let the other side cook for another minute or so.
Turn the dough one last time ad let sit for half a minute..
Turn off heat and place the piadina in a cake pan.
Set aside for a minute whike you make the sauce.

Note: You could use store bought tortillas, but frankly the taste just is not for us. You can tell the difference.

Step 3: Boiled Peppers

Cut off the tops of the bell beppers.
Clean out the seeds and white innards.
Boil until tender,

Step 4: Bologna Aka Baloney.

Cut up some bologna rounds into at least 1/2 strips.
Too thin of strips will burn too easily.
Saute.till lightly brown.
Keep warm.

Step 5: Fry Onions.

Cur off ends of onion.
Peel of at least one outer layer.
Cut onion into chuncks.
Put oil in pan.
Fry onions till tender.
add a little salt after a minute or so.

Note: after the onions have softened they will cut like butter.

Step 6: Peaches.

Skin the peaches.
Slice in half
Remove pit
Cut into wedges.

Step 7: Sweet Potato.

Skin the sweet potatoes
Cut into bite size pieces
Boil till tender.
Mash the sweet potatoes.

Step 8: Fix the Slaw/

Mix the sour cream with the slaw.
Add the cheese and the spices.
Mix till cohesive

Step 9: Put It All Together.

Put ingredients in the center of tortilla.
    bologna, peaches sweetpotatos, onion, bell pepper and cole slaw mixture.
Fold up flap over the bottom of the ingredientss.
Fold over right 1/3 of tortilla toward the left
Fold over left 1/3 of tortilla toward the right
It should resemble a tube of food.

Step 10: Serve.

The package's deceiving. inside as you have the gently fried bologna, warm carmelized onions, cold peaches, tantilizing cole slaw (with the cheese, sour cream and spices), not to mention the sweet potato and sweet bell pepper. A symphony to your taste buds. Have a bite of what is in the secret package!

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