Introduction: Bolting a Foldy Scooter

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Foldy scooters, or scooters that fold to make storage easy, are great for a family or little kid. In a freestyle scooter sense, many issues arise. Foldy scooters are small, thinly constructed and cheap. As you begin to take on heavier tricks like Bri's, Finger Whips, and things that require high air it will fall to pieces underneath you.

They also have there advantages. Foldys are incredibly lightweight and easy to throw around. You could keep one in your room and drag it out when you need to ride in the wet, or want to learn something new. They are also easy to maintain and take apart, so you could use one to learn the ropes of scooter construction. If you are just getting into the sport, keeping a foldy around might be a good idea.

Bolting the fold adds a good amount of strength to the scooter. Also, it will be much quieter, if that matters to you.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Hardware


  • 2 size 3/16th Allen Keys
  • Pliers
  • (optional) Flathead Screwdriver


  • 2 size 7/16 Bolts, about 4" long depending on your model of foldy
  • 2 large washers, about 1" in diameter
  • 2 smaller washers, about 1/2 - 3/4" in diameter
  • 2 Nuts, use sealing nuts, or normal with Locktight

Step 2: Dissemble Your Foldy

First and foremost you need to take the foldy scooter apart. You will need to deconstruct the fold mechanism.

Step 3: Insert the Bolts

Depending on what scooter you own, there will be a bolt in the fold case. This needs to be removed, otherwise the head tube won't be flush with the fold case. Just use a small Allen Key and it comes out.

Next insert the bolts. Slide one of the SMALLER washers on to the the bolt you will bottom hole. Once the bolt is all the way through, slide the other SMALL washer onto the bolt, and then screw on the nut. You need to make sure you use the smaller washers on the bottom. If you don't you will bend the large washers and get mad at yourself. Don't do that.

Repeat what you did, using the other bolt and large washers.

Step 4: Tighten Like Crazy!

Step 5: Finish

Put your scooter back together, and then Ta-Dah, Your scooter is ready to throw around.