Introduction: Prop Bomb Count Down Timer - Project Geek #1

This is a simple one day project that i have made from 8051 microcontroller. The project can be easily ported to other microcontrollers or arduino.List of things that you would need
#1 Lots of old newspapers
#2 Book Cover
#3 8051 microcontroller board and 8051 microcontroller
#4 7 segment display board

#5 Piezo Buzzer
#6 4 switch array
#7 Microcontroller programmer
#8 5v Power adapted #8 Glue, Scotch Tape, Black Tape, Double sided Tape(literally every kind of tape), Jumper wires
#9 Loads of patience.

GitHub path for 8051 countdown timer source code: click here

Code can be modified easily to work as a Clock instead of a countdown timer.

Project costed me close to 500 INR

Bomb Count Down timer Video: click here

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Step 1: Bomb Base

Roll the old newspapers into fat rolls of paper. It's not as easy as it looks.

Step 2: Cover the Rolled Newspapers

Wrap the old newspaper rolls with Book cover

Step 3: Combine All Rolls

Tape all the rolls together

Step 4: Electronics

Electronics needed for project.

#1 Piezo Buzzer

#2 4 Switch Array

#3 8051 microcontroller board

#4 7 segment display

Step 5: Wiring Electronics

Connect all of these together with jumper wire. More colorful the jumper wires, the more it will look cool.

Step 6: Done

Enjoy your bomb Count Down Timer

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