Introduction: Bomb Fist ( Stupid Ver.

Change from this amazing design:

When you are angry and you want to imagine yourself as a superhero, you can wear this glove. When you shake your fist, the glove will have a “Sha Sha” sound. And after various fists, the glove will have the combination of sounds of an airplane passing by and a bomber bombing a city, creating a powerful vibe.

Since I am a student and my cost is low, I changed a few things from the original “Angry iron fist” project. Instead of using a battery, I simply connected the seeeduino nano to the computer. Instead of a huge glove (quite hard to buy in the normal grocery store), I used low-cost materials to make the glove (normal glove$2, mask cover$3, paper bag$0.17). I increased the speed of response since the original project has a slow reaction speed. Besides, I changed the color of the light because I wanted to increase the variation between various lights on Grove - RGB LED Ring (20 - WS2813 Mini).

Step 1: Equipments

  • 1 x seeeduino nano
  • 1 x Grove-Shield for Arduino Nano
  • 1 x Grove-RGB LED Ring (20-WS2813Mini)
  • 1 x Grove-6-Axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope
  • 1 x Grove-Mp3 V3- Music Player
  • 1x micro SD card
  • 1 x micro SD card reader
  • 1 x speaker
  • 1 x USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable
  • Grove cables
  • Normal glove
  • Mask covers
  • Paper bags
  • Tape
  • Hot glue guns
  • Needle & thread

Step 2:

Connect the seeeduino nano with its Grove-Shield.

Step 3:

Connect every component (Grove-RGB LED Ring, Grove-6-Axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope, Grove-Mp3 V3- Music Player) with the grove cables, since the cables can only connect in one way, just connect them is fine. Then connect four components to the grove shield of seeeduino nano.

Step 4:

After connecting all of them, the mp3 part is not finished yet. Connect the speaker to Grove-Mp3 V3- Music Player. Download two audio given above, and convert them to the micro sd card by using micro SD card reader. Finish all these, you can put the card into the back of the Grove-Mp3 V3- Music Player.

Step 5:

Cut the paper bag into pieces, and make a box for the seeeduino nano. You need to glue the components into the box by glue guns, since you would not want to hurt the components, so you need to tape the components with a paper under them. Then, use a glue gun to glue them at the bottom of the box.

Step 6:

Weave the normal size glove into a mask cover, which can put an arm through it. And then use glue guns to glue the box onto the arm part.

Step 7:

Put three parts inside the box, except Grove-RGB LED Ring (20-WS2813 Mini) and Grove-6-Axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope. Since the led ring needs to be put on the top of the glove, and the axis accelerometer needs to be put outside of the box to better measure the movement.

Step 8:

At the end, put one more mask cover all over the box to cover it, and the project is done.

Step 9: Problems

However, one of the parts of my speaker (1) accidently fall, since I keep testing ( shaking one’s fist), causing severe shake. I changed to another speaker (2), however, the volume is too small since its voltage is to high. Therefore, I bought a new speaker, which is the same type of speaker (1).

Step 10: Whole Procedure (video)

Step 11: Changes in Code

  • this is my code:
  • The reaction was so slow and I struggled to find the correct line to change the code, since it is mostly the same with the original creator. However, after studying I find out where and how to change it.
  • The colors of the lights are all quite alike, therefore, I changed each of them, trying to create alike color but with more obvious variation. I struggled to know how to change. However, I find out the color can simply change by changing the number in the “color”. There are three numbers each line, representing R, G, B. You can get the three numbers of the color that you want by searching “color picker” and the “RGB” number at the bottom left.

Step 12: More Photo

Step 13: Final Result

this is the same video that put above.