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Our daughter had been asking for a dog for a while but we just hadn't felt ready for it. It took us a long while to get around to accepting the enormous responsibility but after we did, we wanted it to be a surprise for her. So I decided to make a small scroll-saw box in the shape of a bone and put in a note that said that she could finally, really have a dog. We gifted it to her at her graduation and her elation was more than anything we could have hoped for, as you can probably tell by her super-wide smile in the last pic.

This is my second scroll saw project and it follows most of the basic construction techniques I used in my first one (, so I will be brief here and highlight the main differences/challenges for this one.

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Materials needed:

- scrap piece of 2x4

- scroll saw (bet you weren't expecting this)

- sandpaper, clamps

- white spray paint can

Step 1: Raw Material

Start with a scrap piece of 2x4 (~7" long). Nothing fancy here - just make sure it is clean, flat and knot-free.

Step 2: Scroll Saw the Pattern

I googled a simple bone shape, printed it out, spray-glued it on the 2x4 piece and scroll sawed the outline.

Step 3: Top and Bottom

I sliced out 1/4" on the table saw from both sides of the piece so one will become the top/lid and the lower one the bottom, to be glued back on later.

Step 4: The Middle

I rough drew a 1/4" outline on the middle piece and scroll sawed it out.

Step 5: The Lid

From the cutout of the middle piece, I sliced out another 1/4" on the table saw, flipped over the top piece and glued the slice to it. This will create a lip on the lip so it seats comfortably.

Step 6: Gluing and Shaping

Glued the bottom slice back to the bottom of the hollowed-out middle. With a 1/4" roundover bit, rounded the top and bottom on the router table to give it a rounded appearance.

Step 7: Finishing

After that it was the fun part of filling in the holes and sanding to remove the scroll saw blade marks and generally make it smooth. Then spray painted 4 coats and light repair and sanding between each.

Step 8: Finished Product

Close-ups of the final product. The last pic has the rolled-up note with the real gift.

Step 9: The Priceless Reward

The smile says it all :-)

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