Introduction: Bongos for Stepmania/simon Game

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This is an input device for games such as stepmania but for people who are unable to stand/use their feet. They're not strickly a musical instrument, they only detect hits and not pressure.

In the future I plan to incorporate stand alone simon hardware such as makezine's pcb and put el-wire in to the drum face

Step 1: Drum Base

I'm not sure what the proper name is for these parts, I found them in the pvc piping area of the hardware store. The smaller part fits perfectly inside the larger part, allowing me to present the switch near the face of the drum.

Step 2: Drum Face

Contact cemented a 1/4" thick circle piece of plastic/mdf which is cut slightly larger than the inner pvc part holding the switch. The idea being that the switch sit just a little taller than the inner pvc. When the drum is hit it comes down on the switch which makes contact, but then the inner pvc part stops the drum face comeing down any further, preventing wear/damage to the switch.

Step 3: Attaching the Face to the Base

Step 4: Wire Drums Together