Introduction: Bonsai Mask - Custom Mold Any Mask

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PROJECT SUMMARY: Simple method using Bonsai Training Wire to custom mold any face mask, one-time use or reusable, to the exact shape of your nose - Perfectly and Permanently!

As a bespectacled individual I had issues with poor fitting masks fogging up my glasses. Even masks with a built-in bend strip are so poorly designed and made that they don't properly hold the shape you need them to.

And while fogging your glasses is definitely an irritation (and I'll be honest, the main driver in coming up with this solution), worse still, is the fact that a poor fitting mask is not serving its intended purpose, which is to protect yourself and those around you.

This simple hack, most importantly improves the efficacy of your mask, while also:


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  1. Bonsai Training Wire (3mm size is best)


  1. Wire Cutters
  2. Razor Blade or Xacto Knife
  3. Sandpaper (Optional)

Step 1: Gather Materials

This wire, while it looks like copper, is just aluminum with an anodize coating. And while its rather costly for the initial roll ($16), especially if you will only be using it for this application, it will last a long time.

The soft metal is perfect to easily bend by hand but still strong enough to retain the shape for many wearings.

I used a cheap one-time mask just to show the process. (I also do the same for my daily reusable cloth mask.)

Step 2: Remove Existing Bend Strip

The bend strips they put in these masks is so worthless I don't even know why they bother.

  1. Use a razor blade or Xacto knife to make a very small cut at one edge
  2. Push the fabric down until you can pull the bend strip out
  3. Completely pull it out and discard

Step 3: Insert New Wire

  1. Cut a piece of the Bonsai Wire to the same length as the cheap bend strip that was removed
  2. Gently feed it into the opening made earlier
  3. Insert all the way in and smooth the opening shut

TIP: For a reusable mask, use some sandpaper to remove the sharp edges of the Bonsai Wire ends. This will help to prevent the ends from fraying the cloth over time.

Step 4: Customize

  1. Its usually easier to put a starting bend into it before putting on, just a soft 45 right in the middle
  2. Put the mask on, and continue to manipulate the wire to get a proper fit

Step 5: Finished

Thanks for taking the time to read through this short Instructable. Please send me any questions or comments you might have. I try to answer them all. Stay safe and healthy! Happy DIY'ing!

!!This is an entry in the Modify It Speed Challenge!!

Please vote if you like it.

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