Introduction: Boo Bags

We love Halloween and like to see the dead rise and have an easy way to make it extra spooky and inexpensive. We recycled.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The monstrous materials:

White bags-trash bags, department store bags
Black marker or paint
Twist ties or zip ties
Sticks or dowels, tree branches
Plastic cups
Dry ice (buy it a few days in advance)
Warm to hot water
Any old battery operated lights (optional)

Step 2: Cut the Shape Into the Bag

If you use a department store bag, avoid the name. Use the half not containing the name. If you use a trash bag decide on an arc cut or using the entire bag.

Step 3: Draw Your Face

Give your boo bags varying expressions. Always just a little off tilt. Use your imagination or use your wii me.

Step 4: Stuff Your Boo Bag

Step 5: Add Your Stick, Dowel, or Tree Branch

The tree branch is the best!

Step 6: Twist Tie or Zip Tie to Create Your Head

Step 7: Plant Into the Ground

Step 8: Prepare Dry Ice

Remember dry ice will harm you. Use care.
Gather plastic cup, dry ice, warm to hot water and optional light. Place dry ice in cup. Be careful not to freeze skin. Add hot or warm water to dry ice. Optional: place on top of battery operated light.
Place under boo bag occasionally adding a little more hot to warm water to dry ice plastic cup.

Step 9: Boo Bag Complete

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