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My friend had got a book light for reading his comics at night. He was showing it to me (since I am a bit of a bookworm myself) and the first thing I said was 'I can make that' . I don't know why but that's my reaction to mostly everything. And so, he said 'Are you sure?'. I took that as a challenge and, with stuff i found around the house, this instructable came. I would also like to mention that I got an Exacto knife and this was an opportunity to try it out.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


An envelope

Bottle caps


Conductive metal [ i took mine from a used tea lights]

Binder Clips

LEDs [ i used a red one cuz it was the only one i could find]

Lithium battery [ you can get this at a grocery store or something]


Exacto Knife


You can get both these tools at a crafts store

Step 2: The Plan

OK so I drew this up as a sketchy blueprint. It may not make much sense but it should give you a basic idea though.

I divided everything into three main parts;

Part A: The lampshade

Part B: The base

Part C: The connector

The circuitry and the clip come under part B and part C respectively

Step 3: Part A: the Lampshade

For this I took an empty envelope traced a circle. Then I traced another circle that was a lot smaller.This would be where the LED would go.Then I cut it out with the knife. Remember to cut the inner circle should be cut square (if that makes sense) so that the LED can have a grip. Then cut a radius and curve the paper circle.

Then I cut the transparent bit off the envelope and glued it to the lampshade.This is not necessary since it dims the light but it gave me an excuse to cut something up :)

Step 4: Part B: the Base

I took a bottle cap and pushed a pushpin into it's center. After that I took another one and cut a bit off. That is where the lithium battery will be. Then I pushed the opposite end of the green bottle cap into the end of the pushpin through the other bottle cap. Are we clear?

Step 5: Part C: the Connector

I was going to eat when I saw some stringy thing coming out of the tape of some amazon box.And after several seconds of research I found out that it is found in packaging tape and braided 2 or 3 to make this makeshift rope.

Then I connected the lampshade and the base with it and stuck it on with tape.

After I made it I realized that it can also be used as a bookmark.

Step 6: The Circuitry

So now you can keep the battery in it's socket. This part puzzled me for a long time but a solution came.

So what I did was that I took two small pieces off the tea light, rolled it up and glued it to the green cap that is the base.

Step 7: The Clip

For the clip I took a binder clip and hung it on to the pushpin at the back and fastened it by tying a rubberband to make it secure.

Step 8: Time to Read Your Comics! (or Whatever You Read)

Thanks for making it to the end and quick tip: do NOT make a bookmark with a red light. :)

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