Introduction: Book Page Wreath


Step 1:

Cut out a 10" circle on a piece of cardboard

Step 2:

Carefully tear out the pages of a book.

Step 3:

Start by rolling each book page on a diagonal and hot glue the bottom corner to the roll.

Step 4:

Place a dab of hot glue on the bottom of each roll and place about 1″ from the bottom of the roll on the cardboard.

Continue around the entire circle. Be sure to space our rolls so they touch at the widest part, not the narrowest.

Row 2 should be placed slightly below the 1st row

Row 3 will require the rolls to be slightly bent up at the bottom of the roll

Step 5:

The very last roll is the center circle piece. I cut mine down on the tops just a bit to make it not so tall and “higher on one side”. I then placed hot glue around the entire roll and placed it in the middle.

Step 6:

This is what the back side of the book page wreath looks like as well as what the final measurements end up at.

Protecting Your Wreath | Avoid Yellowing of Pages
I have gotten asked by several people if there’s a way to spray this wreath to help protect the pages from yellowing over time. I researched products and feel comfortable recommending THIS spray, but please know, that I have not personally used this product. But based off of the product description, I do believe it would work great! You will also love these easy DIY wreaths! Tulip Wreath Boxwood Wreath Rag (scrap material) Wreath Felt Shamrock Wreath Valentine’s Day Wreaths Fresh Pine Clippings Christmas Wreath