Introduction: Bookshelf Using Shoe Box

I made this for me to organize my books (yeah, I am guilty of being a book-hoarder hehe) to prevent myself from being drowned by my scattered books!

This instructable will guide you to create a bookshelf using a shoe box.


1. Ruler

2. Tape

3. Scissor

4. Shoe Box

Step 2: Cut Cut Cut

Cut a triangle (or a V-shape) into the shoe box having 10cm as the base.

Kindly take note that you need to cut two triangles (both sides). The vertex of the triangle must lie at the center of the bottom base of the shoe box.

Step 3: Fold and Tape

Fold the shoe box outward having the vertex of the triangles as the center.

Tape the sides and the bottom.

Step 4: You Have Now a New Bookshelf

Enjoy using your new bookshelf to organize your books!


You can decorate your bookshelf to suit your style. You can use colorful paper wrappers for it to be more presentable.

Feel free to share your thoughts through comment.

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