Introduction: Bootloader Shield for Arduino Uno

first i should explain that this is a shield which makes it easy to burn bootloader to your arduino if you want to use a new Atmega328 in your arduino or you want to make your own arduino or you work on a project that requires arduino's atmega programed on it. you can do this with bread board but it is nasty like always and it gives me headache so i decided to creat my very own pcb to burn bootloader and after i test it successfully i decided to share it !

Step 1: What We Need?

as it is shown in breadboard we need:

16 mhz crystal

2x 22 pico farad ceramic capacitors

jumper wires

female pin header (6output)

28 pin socket for atmega328p

and of course a blank atmega328p

and a blank copper pcb in order to transfer toner

Step 2: Printing Pcb

this is my file i designed with fritzing . it is ready for toner transfering so do not flip it just print it and by using iron transfer it to copper

here is the link

Step 3: Pcb

as its shown i first cleaned the copper then after printing pattern i used iron and by moving iron firmly i made sure that toner has transfered but because my pcb wasn't cut sharp it had its bends and a small line hasn't transfered but i'm sure you won't have this problem after that i repaired it with a sharpee and i send it into etching acid and here we are i made it ! the next step is to drill holes and assembling parts

Step 4: Assembled Parts

we have everything hooked up onto board!

Step 5: How to Burn Bootloader

1 - before attaching pins from pcb to arduino you should upload Arduino isp into your original arduino

2- then make shure to choose arduino as isp

3-now attach all pins as they are printed on pcb

4- then burn Bootloader!

and thats pretty much it leave comment