Introduction: Ds1307 RTC Module for Arduino

hi in this tutorial i want to share my experience about ds1307 rtc diy module it is consist of:

ds1307 chip (with its 8 pin socket)

clock crystal (32khz)

3x 10k resistors

5 l-shape or straight male pin header

0.1 uf ceramic capacitor(104)

a cr2032 or cr1220 batteries with holders

Step 1: Pcb Designing

for toner transfer first choose either if you want to use cr2032 or cr1220 then choose one of them and just print it to proper one sided cooper board.

Step 2: Connections

after you are done assembling you need to connect rtc module to arduino properly first follow printed identification on board and connect :

+5 volt to 5 volt

gnd to gnd

sda to A4

scl A5

and remember to put battery into module otherwise while programming it will be get crazy !!!

Step 3: Using Arduino to Program Ds1307

first download this library of ds1307 if you haven't it already

after copying unzipped folder to documents-> arduino-> libraries

connect arduino to computer then go to file->examples->ds1307rtc->setTime

then upload it to arduino after uploading is done go to tools ->serialmonitor

and then you will see a window that says date and time is configured to ds1307 close it

again go to file->examples->ds1307rtc->readtest the upload it to arduino and again go to tools->serial monitor and watch that your module works fine and properly

Step 4: IMPORTANT Conclusions!

this module worked fine in my pc but in mac it was a little glitch about it for setting it only i mean.

and i'm not gonna lie to you the ds1307 chip on these modules goes hot like hell and i don't know if it is ok or not but it disturbs me . if you decided to buy one of these modules which are very cheap i encourage you unless you have these parts lying around the house . remember the last tutorial about how to configure chip with arduino is valuable and it is same steps for modules which in many case if you don't know how to do it you will be in trouble so my tutorial wasn't pointless for you if you read it entirely ! and another important thing is most of these i2c rtc module work with rechargeable lir2032 batteries which is not included in package and there is no information on their plastic pack to warn you about it so if you put cr2032 in them since module tries to charge it it will ruin your battery or maybe explode it but there are some tutorial for modifications which will remove ability of recharging from module and it will make it possible to use cr2032 on them google will help you for that !