Introduction: 3 Ingredients Boozy Ice Cream Bread (epic Failed)

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hello, it's me.
I was wondering if after all three ingredients,
would make boozy ice cream bread.
they said that only need 2 ingredients,
But I ain't stopping for adding booze.

Hello, can you smell my ice cream bread.
I'm in Scotland dreaming about what we used to bake.
When we were older and fat,
I've forgotten how bread fail before the oven heats up our feet


3 ingredients needed to make boozy ice cream bread

1. 2 cups of ice cream, roughly workout to be 500ml

2. 1 1/2cups of all purpose flour, approximately 200g

3. 6 teaspoons of alcohol of choice. i have used Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Step 1: Substitution

so they said, use full fat ice cream. the ice cream i had is only 4.7g of fat per 100ml.

so they said, use all purpose flour. i have none, but i substituted with regular flour + baking powder

so they said, use baking powder. i have none, but i substituted 1part sodium bicarbonate and 2 part cream of tatar.

so the said, use dry mix ins'. i have none, and have not come across whisky in powder form.

so the substitution

1. 500ml ice cream

2. 200g flour + 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate + 1 teaspoon cream of tar tar

3. 6 tablespoons of Johnnie Walker Gold Label,or so, i guessed.

Step 2: Methods

1. melt the ice cream ala bran marie

2. stir in the dry ingredients ( flour + baking powder) by batches

3. add in alcohol by batches

4. grease a regular loaf pan, and pre heat oven to 180degC

5. pour mixures into loaf pan

6. bake in oven for 30mins

Step 3: The Monkey Baker

Hello from the other side

I must have tested consistency a thousand time

To tell you I'm sorry for every grams i have added


as and when yours truly is mixing the ingredients to the said "dough", the mixture resembles a sad pile of gooey mess. it doesn't resemble a bread dough at all. the consistency is a cross between a pancake mix, and a watery mess of cake batter.

so, yours truly took the initiatives to add in more flour, stir, test the consistency, repeat; until it resembles the texture above.

bad move!

Step 4: Output

after baking in the oven for 30min at 180degC, the heart warming aroma lingers in the kitchen. the smell of heated up johnnie walker gold label never fails to lighten up the hunger. we thought we felt in love with each other again, over the ice cream bread perhaps.

but the reality is harsh.

the ice cream bread -ish turns out to be the most densely packed gluten we ever had. a slice of it bounced off the wire rack, fall onto the plate and the force is so immense a crater was created.

alright, she might be over exaggerating.

the tasting notes as follow
smell: boozy with a hint of vanilla from the ice cream
taste: mildly sweetness to the taste buds, spiciness from the johnnie walker gold label
texture: dense, too dense to be classify as a bread nor a cake. she called it a brick, best for building a fortress with.

well, fix it then she said. the ice cream bread -ish was sliced up, and pop into the oven at 180degC for 20min, turning over at the 10 min mark. we are now waiting for it to be cooled while writing this i'ble. if this doesn't work out, we shall offer it to the hawking birds. no, it doesn't work out. Yours truly is still suffering from a sore jaw.

Step 5: Recommendations

perhaps we should strictly adhere to the ingredients list.

perhaps they could share the "right" consistency, such that others would avoided blunders like ours.

+ i have not found the 1 way that worked, but one of the 999999999999999 ways that failed.

next up, increase the fat content by adding 50g of butter to the said ingredients and decrease the alcohol to 1teaspoon.

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