Introduction: Bostitch Angle Grinder Safety Delete

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Even before I brought the unit home, I knew someday I would defeat the safety mechanism on the Bostitch angle grinder. I chose this grinder specifically for it's power and easy on/off paddle switch. Its shortcoming was the hard to operate safety mechanism, which was difficult to engage when wearing gloves. The safety had to go and here's how I did it.

* Please don't comment about PPE, safety issues, etc. As much as I like to be safe, there's some level of risk I am willing to take and frankly, I don't want a debate. Remove safety mechanisms at your own risk. I am not responsible for your actions.

Step 1: Right Tool for the Job.

Get yourself a really small screwdriver. A jewelers' screwdriver with any tip should be fine. Then find a pair of needle nose pliers or wire cutters.

Make sure your angle grinder is nearby and unplugged.

Step 2: Countdown to Meltdown.

Rotate grinder so paddle switch is facing up. Then locate pin that holds safety mechanism in place.

Step 3: Voiding Warranty

Now line up screwdriver tip with safety mechanism pin. I work from right to left. Jam screwdriver against pin with your hand. If pin is too tight, use a hammer against screwdriver and tap lightly. Pin should come out of its slot far enough where you can grab it with your needle nose pliers or wire cutters. Yank out the pin.

Step 4: Respect Your Tool, Don't Be One.

Remove all loose parts. Clear any remaining debris off tool. Plug the grinder in and test while wearing proper PPE.

That's it. Now the paddle switch should work without resistance. Be careful how you lay down tool so you don't accidently activate it. Reminds me of my air grinder now. No safety!!!

* Use modified tools at your own risk.

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