Introduction: Bot Pot With Drainage Plate and Movable Arms!

Here is a guide on how to make your own 3D printable Instructables bot flower pot! I mean, who doesn't love this iconic mascot? I've included the .stl file if you would like to skip to the printing part, but where's the fun in that?


  • Tinkercad
  • 3D printer

Step 1: The Body

Grab a half cylinder and merge a slightly smaller half cylinder hole inside of the first one. You won't be able to see any openings!

Step 2: Head

A cube for the head!

Step 3: Arm Joints

Add two sockets to the sides of the body (the sockets can be found under "connectors"). After that, place a hollow cube inside of the head and merge the entire thing.

Step 4: Arms

Slice off some of a half-cylinder to get an arm shape, and add a seated ball to the arm. Merge, and then copy and paste for the second arm.

Step 5: Drainage Holes

Add drainage holes to the bottom.

Step 6: Drainage Plate Connectors

Grab two cylinders and change the dimensions to 3 mm in diameter. Lift the body 5 mm above the surface, and move the cylinders underneath. Merge.

Step 7: Drainage Plate

Get a rectangle with the same dimensions as the bottom of the body. Add a slightly smaller rectangle to create an open box - don't merge yet!

Step 8: Legs

Make a leg from a rectangle and a cylinder. Merge and duplicate.

Step 9: Adding the Legs

Position the legs and merge the drainage plate.

Step 10: Drainage Plate Connectors

Get another cylinder and change to 6 mm in diameter. Add a hole in the middle with diameter 4 mm and merge.

Step 11: Almost Done...

Place the centre of these hollow cylinders so that they correspond with the centers of the drainage plate connectors on the body piece. Merge the drainage plate!

Step 12: Decorate

Decorate the bot! Use the scribble feature to draw a face.

Step 13: Done!

This is what the bot pot should look like after it has been printed and assembled. Remember, the arm joints snap on after you print them. Enjoy!

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