Introduction: Botch Chocolate (Super Easy, Super Good, Super Cheap)

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This is the most luxurious hot chocolate I've ever had. It is rich, it is creamy and it's fast to make. I have no idea why companies still sell hot chocolate powder as this is far superior - and it doesn't take that much longer to make (about 2 minutes if you are really slow or don't have a kettle).


  1. Chocolate
  2. Milk
  3. Water


  1. Pot (optional)
  2. Peeler (or knife, or grater or really strong fingers)
  3. Cup

Other Requirements

  1. Hands (Very useful)
  2. Face (It'll be hard to do much without it)

Step 1: Peel the Chocolate

I had the cheapest chocolate available at my local store. That 400g bar cost under 2CHF (~2USD).

Take the peeler and, well, start scraping the chocolate off. You don't need all four squares of chocolate. I ended up eating about half of it when I got tired of peeling. It's really hard to peel the last bit - maybe a knife would work better for finishing?

It probably doesn't even make a difference if you peel it - but it will make it melt into the water way faster. This turns it from a few minutes waiting for the chocolate to melt into just a few seconds.

I reckon that 25g of chocolate is more than enough for a single cup of hot chocolate. Bear in mind that'd be about 10% of your drink (assuming you're making 250ml), and at fancy hot-chocolate places, a good hot chocolate has about 7% or so. If you do the math, that 400g bar has about 40 squares, so about 2 squares of chocolate. The math will depend on your bar of chocolate and how sweet/rich you like your drink.

Step 2: Put in With Liquid Ingredients

You're going to need some boiling water and some milk. I did about half a cup boiling water and half a cup milk.

Put the chocolate peelings into a pot with the boiling water. Stir it around until it's melted. Then add the milk and heat it till it's nice and hot (however hot you want to drink it). I suspect that if you don't want to use a pot you could just do it all in a cup: add the boiling water - add the chocolate, stir, add milk.

Oh, you noticed the carrots in the pot? That's because I just re-used the water I used to make dinner with. My hot chocolate had carrot flavouring, but I couldn't taste it at all.

Step 3: Consume

Pour it into a cup, wait until you're no longer going to burn your mouth, and drink it. Taste how amazing it is - real chocolate - real milk - really rich and really sweet. I will never buy hot chocolate powder again when it's this simple to make the real thing.

What was the rest of the dinner? Oh, it was rice with battered chicken and carrot and a touch of tomato+onion sauce I made the previous night. I eat like a king. Yeah.

Oh, and I should also do a recipie for "botch bread." It turns out you can make bread just by leaving flour and water in a pot for a few days before putting it in the oven.

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