Both Mode ESP8266 (AP and Client Mode)

Introduction: Both Mode ESP8266 (AP and Client Mode)

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In the previous article I made a Tutorial on how to set the mode on ESP8266, which is as an Access point or wifi station and as a wifi client.

in this article I will show you how to set ESP8266 mode to be both mode. That is, in this Mode ESP8266 can be an Access point and wif client simultaneously.

Step 1: Required Components

The component that you need:

Step 2: Programming

I have provided Sketches for this tutorial. the sketch can be downloaded below.

Before uploading a sketch to NodeMCU, make sure the NodeMCU board has been added to the Arduino IDE. You can read it in this article "Get Started With ESP8266 (NodeMCU Lolin V3)"

Step 3: Result

To ensure that ESP8266 can be used for access points and WiFi clients together, let's check one by one.

ESP8266 as an Wifi Clients:

  • Open Serial Monitor
  • Press reset on NodeMCU
  • If the serial monitor is displayed like Figure 1, it means that the ESP8266 has succeeded in becoming a WiFi client that is connected to an access point

ESP8266 as a wifi station:

  • Open the WiFi menu on the android phone.
  • If there is an access point named "NodeMCU" and you can connect to that access point, it means that ESP8266 has succeeded in becoming an access point for the Android phone.

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