Introduction: Bottle Cap Shooter.

This tool not only is a bottle opener but also a bottle cap shooter.It is a simple yet very awesome bottle opener.

Bottle openers are of various styles, sizes and methods but the one in this instructable is probably the most fun and awesome. It opens the bottle with a pop sound and the cap flies approximately 15- 18 feet in the air depending on the beverage.

bottle openers are boring and while looking for a new opener online I came across this Kickstarter campaign.

The opener was way too costly and I decided to make one for myself.

Step 1: Acquire Material for Opener

The opener needs to made out of a thin sheet ( < 2.5 mm ) and the material should be strong so you cannot make it with simple mild steel. Mild steel is soft and it might bend on an application of force. I've used ceramic blades for the project, table saw blades might do the job as well.

Step 2: Measure and Mark

The opener has to sit in the collar being measured in the image. I used a piece of bendable wire to measure and mark the measurement on the piece of metal. Use a suitable tool to cut the piece. File the rough edges and measure again.

The gap has to have a clearance of approx.1 mm so as to slide in.

Make a bigger hole near the slot for the bottle cap to enter the opener.

The opener is ready.

Step 3: Clearance Is Important

The clearance was tight on the first go which led to breaking of the neck of the bottle. I filed the slot a bit which solved the problem.

Step 4: Further Modifications

The previous steps completely explain how to make a functional opener. Changes in looks and feel might be carried out for better results.

There are a lot of possibilities in personalising the opener, I believe it should be done in one's own style.

You might trim the unwanted material off the opener, paint it, anodise it, coat it, or put a 3D printed plastic casing or wooden one. I liked to leave it as is.

Please do watch the video demonstration.


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