Introduction: Bottle Cap Stand for Round Objects

Have you ever wanted to show off something that's round, but it wont stand up? Well, a few days ago, I got a Harry Potter snitch toy. I can't really do much with it, so i decided to put it where people could see it, but it kept rolling away. So after a little bit of thinking, looking for supplies, I found the perfect solution. A bottle cap stand!

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will only need these items.

 Bottle Caps- The single most important part of this instructable. You can buy a large pack of these for about $3.50.  You will need about 10.
Glue- Need something to hold it together! I used elmer's glue, but i recommend super glue for a long lasting stand.
Something to put on the stand.

Step 2: Assemble

This is very simple. Take the first bottle cap and cover the inside rim with glue. Place the second bottle cap on the first one upside down. Repeat this for the rest of the bottle caps. Make sure to adjust the stand as you go so it wont have a tipped over look. Wait for the glue to dry until testing it out. 

Step 3: Done!

When the glue dries, put your item on and test it out. If there is a problem, make any adjustments that you can. After, you are done! Put it in a place that people can see. I hope you liked this instructable, and that it helps. 

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