Introduction: Bottle Led Floodlight

This is my effort on making a portable floodlight mostly from parts I had laying around..

Step 1: Parts...

The parts I used...
an old bottle from contact lens solution(Bausch & Lomb - ReNu)
an old LiPo battery,3s 
a led strip
some plugs
a switch
an old hanger
a piece of Depron(from my RC plane building materials) and fiber tape
and last but not least a hot glue gun...

Step 2: Bottle Cutting

First I cut the bottle up as shown in the picture and used some spacers top and bottom from depron in order for the led-plate to sit..

Step 3: Led Plate

Then I made the led plate. Basically it is a piece of depron which fits in the opening of the cut bottle and sits on the spacers.I also reinforced it with fiber tape.

Step 4: Electronics

Then some electronics.I glued the led strips on the plate.The strip is a series of 60 leds at 12volts which can be cut in groups of 3. I used 9 leds per strip and soldered them in series. I used a toggle switch to connect to the LiPo.

Step 5: Hanger

Next the hanger.I drilled a hole on the cup of the bottle and placed the hanger through. On the other end, I drilled a small hole and placed a pin and a washer so that it can twist around. 

Step 6: Putting It Together

One last touch, I painted the led plate for fun and put everything together.
In order to charge the battery I take of the plate and the battery.
Next updates will be a battery indicator and a charge plug but for now it works fine...