Bottle Led Floodlight

Introduction: Bottle Led Floodlight

This is my effort on making a portable floodlight mostly from parts I had laying around..

Step 1: Parts...

The parts I used...
an old bottle from contact lens solution(Bausch & Lomb - ReNu)
an old LiPo battery,3s 
a led strip
some plugs
a switch
an old hanger
a piece of Depron(from my RC plane building materials) and fiber tape
and last but not least a hot glue gun...

Step 2: Bottle Cutting

First I cut the bottle up as shown in the picture and used some spacers top and bottom from depron in order for the led-plate to sit..

Step 3: Led Plate

Then I made the led plate. Basically it is a piece of depron which fits in the opening of the cut bottle and sits on the spacers.I also reinforced it with fiber tape.

Step 4: Electronics

Then some electronics.I glued the led strips on the plate.The strip is a series of 60 leds at 12volts which can be cut in groups of 3. I used 9 leds per strip and soldered them in series. I used a toggle switch to connect to the LiPo.

Step 5: Hanger

Next the hanger.I drilled a hole on the cup of the bottle and placed the hanger through. On the other end, I drilled a small hole and placed a pin and a washer so that it can twist around. 

Step 6: Putting It Together

One last touch, I painted the led plate for fun and put everything together.
In order to charge the battery I take of the plate and the battery.
Next updates will be a battery indicator and a charge plug but for now it works fine...

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Good work!
    *OR* you can use AC Mains as power source... see my I'bles....
    Caution: Venture ONLY if proficient!



    10 years ago on Introduction

    Since you're using flexible LED strips, could you've attached them to a flexible base and used a battery pace that would have fit the mouth of the bottle to create a sealed bottle light.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry I can't understand what you mean by "battery pace"? or you mean base?and place the strips on the uncut bottle?I guess you can do whatever you think of but then the light wouldn't have been so focused.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry it was meant to say, "battery pack"
    As for being as focused, that all depends on the translucency of the bottle to begin with.