Introduction: Bottle Rack Made of Scrap Wood

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This bottle rack is made of scrap wood.

Sometimes I get little pieces of swiss pine from a friend. These wood is very expensive and it's a shame to burn it even the pieces are to small for normal furniture. This bottle shelf is a perfect project to use all this small pieces to make a great looking rack.


  • table saw
  • edge sander (or sandpaper)
  • random orbit sander (or sandpaper)
  • cordless drill (or normal drill)


  • linseed oil
  • 9 screws 3 x 40 mm
  • 2 screws 6 x 60 mm

Step 1: Sawing

I saw 18 long, square pieces and 18 short.

Step 2: Sawing the Tenon I

The short pieces got a tenon

I lowered the table saw blade to the thickness of the pieces.

Then, with my tenon jig, I saw them on every end two times.

Step 3: Sawing the Tenon II

Then I lowered the table saw blade to the middle section and cut all the shoulders away.

Step 4: Sawing the Mortise

For cutting the mortise I moved my jig exact for the thickness of the table saw blade to the right.

After cutting each piece twice on both ends I moved the jig again to remove the middle section

Step 5: Gluing

I applied wood glue only on the tenon and put the pieces together.

Step 6: Sanding

I sanded all the pieces with my edge sander.

The inner edges of the little frames were sanded with a random orbit sander

Step 7: Cutting the Backboard

The backboard has many knots and imperfections for normal furniture but for me it is beautiful.

Step 8: Making Grooves in the Backboard

On my table saw I don't have a cross cut sled it is only a cross cut board.

I put a little piece of wood in a slot and adjust the distance to 11 cm

I made a first cut and then I placed the first cut onto this little finger.

Thereby the distance of all cuts are the same.

Then I made a second cut of each groove in the same way.

At last I removed the center of the middle section.

Step 9: Drilling Holes

I drilled holes through each groove and countersinked them from the back.
I also drilled two mounting holes and countersink them.

Step 10: Finish

I oiled every part with linseed oil and after half an hour I removed the oil with a paper towel.

Step 11: Assembling

I put always one frame left of the center and one right of the center.

Then I screwed the frames on the backboard without glue.

I had no idea how it looks like and so I have the option to change my decision.

At last I screwed the shelf on the wall.

Step 12: The Result

Instead of thousand words, please watch the video

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