Introduction: Boulder Tower for Kids

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A quite easy an fast project, that brought a lot of fun to my kids.


  • 3 old door panels
  • 2 tension belts
  • 2 furniture castors
  • some wood (waste)
  • screws


  • saw
  • screwdriver

Step 1: A Single Boulder Wall

1 ) It started with a bloulder wall (an old door) for my little princess. I took the waste from edging some boards, because the had the angled side from the tree radius, that made them good for gripping.

2) i sanded them to prevent injuries

3 + 4) i mounted them on the door panel

5) i tried it by my self to, to check the stability, then my kid(s) began to climb

Step 2: Make It Bigger

After a few days of fun, it began to became to easy ....

So i made 2 new concepts for more doors. First with the doors side by side. The second one with the doors in a triangle arrangement.

Step 3: The Tower Concept Wins

I tried the tower and it was really stable, so is went on that way.

Step 4: Build the Tower

At first i cut some holes in the tower, for more adventure feeling :D

then i mount some more wooden handels. I mount them on both sides of the door panel, so the kids could climb in the inside and on the outside.

I fixed the triangle really tough with the tension belts, and mounted some furniture castors at one door, so i could move the tower by tilting to the side with the rolls.

Step 5: Climb and Play

Now it was ready for playing.

It was a big fun for the small kids. They could climb different ways and made some contests.

It works for two sommers, then i moved to an new house an build a new wall in their room.

It brought my older one, to a quit good climbing level, far better than her fat daddy ;-)


  • Check the stability every day, if the belts loosen just a little bit, the tower tilts easier.
  • Stay with your kids. Help them, cheer them on, give them hints ... prevent them from generating fears when they feel alone.
  • Bigger Kids are tilting the tower easily, it's for kids up to 6 years.
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