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Welcome to my mini instructable.

I made that smartphone holder for several cars and smartphones. I never used the cd player in my cars, but it was always placed in the area wich i would choose for my phone to be. Mostly the radio + cd-slot very easy to reach and quit fast to look at even while you drive.

This is the location were i WANT my navigation on journeys, i think it is more safe, than hanging in front of me, plumped on the windshield and disturbing my view. (When it is not falling down instantly ;-) )

So i looked for an option to place my phone there ... and here it is ... two handcrafted c-clamps with an slot-hook

You need:

- a small peace of thin mdf board, the size depends on your phone.

- a fret saw ( my first and favorite prototyping tool ;-) )

- a pen

Step 1: Draw the Clamp on the Board

draw an c-clamp on the board. Take the measurements from our phone by yourself or look for them in the internet.Draw it a little bit tighter than the measurements say. You can adjust and adapt it to your phone, by sanding it later

draw an slot-hook to the c-clamp. In this case make it thicker than you measured the slot-size. You can adjust and adapt it to your cd-player, by sanding it later.

Step 2: Sawing

Saw the Clamps an sand them till you like the result. Keep them clean when you test it at the cd-player to prevent damage from the slot or the mechanic by dust or splinters.

Step 3: Enjoy But Take Attention.

Enjoy this small helper.


Take care, that there ist no CD in your Radio. Otherwise an accidently ejection could harm your phone and the falling phone may distract attention from driving !!!! I showed you mine ... show me yours in the comments, thnx !

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