Introduction: Bouquet of Roses

I made this bouquet to my mother on mother's day

Step 1: The Material Needed for This Project

1.Crepe paper

b) Blue

a) White



4. Handle or pipe

5. Threads


7.Floral tape

8.Organza, felt

9.Glue gun



Step 2: Small, Blue Flowers

Step 3: Bud

It is not only a bud, but also the middle of a rose and a half-open rose

Step 4: Roses (on Toothpicks)

Step 5:

If rose the nose is very long it can be cut

Step 6: Half-open Rose (on Toothpicks)

Step 7: Roses on Wire

the rose is made just like on toothpicks

Step 8: The Base for the Bouquet

Step 9: Collect Bouquet

Step 10: Decorate

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