Introduction: Bow Tie PCB Badge

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Every party is different, and everyone wants to be unique, what do you think about wearing a printed circuit board bow tie?

PCB badges have always been an artistic form of circuit board.I this project I will be showing how I built this wearable Bow Tie PCB Badge.

This project is open source. If you would like to build your own, all of the resources are available in the GitHub.

Watch Video:


  • SMD LEDs - 1206 Package - 12 pieces
  • Slide Switch -11.6x4 mm
  • CR2032 Coin Cell
  • Coin Cell Holder
  • Brooch Base Holder Pins(This allows you to keep your badge on the Cloth.)
  • Tweezer
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder Wire
  • Wire Stripper & Cutter

Step 1: Components Used

Step 2: Schematics + Little Bit Theory.....

From Schematics it is clear that it is simple parallel connection. when working with LEDs, you will use parallel circuits very often, In addition to being able to turn on more components with less voltages. They are more durable.

You might be wondering why there is no current limiting resistor, won't the LED burn ? my design uses an internal resistance of the battery.The battery itself allow such higher current to burn the LEDs, Nasty Trick !

Step 3: PCB Design

I used KiCad for PCB Design.The board outline were made using Autodesk Fusion 360.

The size of PCB badge was 130.4 x 60.1 mm I sent this design to ALLPCB and got it made, I chose a black PCB with white Silkscreen.In 1 week they Showed Up:

On the PCB I have represented anode of led with a small white dotted silkscreen.

Step 4: Soldering!

If you have any further queries feel free to ask in comments, I am here to help.

Thanks for reading, and happy making!

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