Introduction: Box With a Secret

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I made this little box for my girlfriend. It contains an USB-stick with our memories.
But you can it only open if you know the secret.
You can guess how it works, but if you want to know it instantly go to step 9 or watch the video.

What you need

  • 1 wooden cube
  • drill
  • pencil
  • tape
  • scroll saw
  • sandpaper
  • a nail
  • pliers
  • water colors
  • spray lacquer

Step 1: Drill a Hole

First drill a hole near the bottom in the middle of the cube.

Don't drill it all the way through.

Step 2: Draw a Heart

I drew a heart on one side and covered it with a piece of tape.

This tape helps to cut the wood on the scroll saw. I don't know why but it works

Step 3: Sawing

First I cut out the heart.

Then I cut the bottom and the lid of the heart

Finally I removed the inner part of the heart.

Step 4: Glue the Cube Together

After sawing the cube has a gap.

I put some wood glue in this gap and clamped it with a little clamp.

Step 5: Glue the Drawer Together

I applied glue on the edges of the inner part of the drawer a put the lid and the bottom on it.

I made this inside the cube to be sure everything fits perfectly. But be careful, don't use to much glue and glue the drawer to the cube!

Step 6: Put Two Nails in the Hole

Cut two identical pieces from a nail.
The length of both must be shorter than the depth of the hole!
They must easily fit in the hole without any friction!

Step 7: Close the Hole

I sharpened a little stick of wood with a pencil sharpener, removed the tip with a knife and glued it into the hole.
After the glue was dry I cut it with a Japanese saw

Step 8: Paint and Finish.

I sanded it with sand paper, painted it with water colors and add some coats of spray lacquer.

Step 9: How It Works

First you have to spin the cube very fast.
Therefor one pin goes to the right and the other goes to the left and than you can put the drawer into the cube. Put some little treasure in the box, close the drawer and tilt the box.

Now you can it only open if you spin it again.

Keep the secret!

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