Introduction: Boxdeer

Christmas giftwrapping or decoration without cost. Reuse what otherwise would be regarded as waste . Reindeer created out of food packaging

Step 1: Box

So you need some kind of box. Mine is approx.19 x10x3 cm. Open the box at both ends and remove one narrow side. The result is a flat piece of cardboard 25x23 cm with some folds. Of course you could buy some cardboard or sturdy paper, or change the dimensions. I'ts all up to you.

Step 2: Cut Pattern

print the pattern in the first picture or draw by hand. It is not that complicated! Note that the head part is prepared to be narrower at the nose side. With a pair of scissors or a hobby knife you can make all necessary slits.Dottet line represent folds and should not be cut.

Step 3: The Tailside

close the box on tail side, leaving the small flap outside to form a tail. You can clode the box with glue or a staple

Step 4: The Head

make new folds, so the nose is narrower than the neck. Fold sides of the nose inward and close with the top part. Glue or staple the nose.

Step 5: Position Head and Antlers

fold head and antlers backward. Leave the antlers in that position and fold the head forward.

Step 6: Connect Head and Antlers

With some glue or staple connect the antlers to the inside of the head. This will help to keep the antlers in an upright position

Step 7: Legs

Make a zig zag fold to form legs. The fold ends in the middle of the body shaping it convex. Secure with a staple close to the centre, leaving space to cut out a half circle to separate front and behind legs.

Step 8: Shorten Front Legs

The reindeer will not be standing firmly on his four feet. Cut of small pieces from the front legs to position all 4 legs on the ground

Step 9: Gift Wrapping

When you want to use the reindeer as gift wrapping you should create a box that slides in the reindeer. Measure the space between front and behind leg, inside height, and inside width. For more sturdiness and a tight fit, a folded a strip of cardboard round the box and glued that between the legs of the reindeer. When you cut out the half circle between front an behind legs its easy to pull the gift box out.

Step 10: Decorate- or Not

It is up to you to decorate the reindeer in any way. You could leave it in the colors of the box, or use decorated paper, or cover it with paint. I made an example using a black acrylic ground layer, and added small amount of yellow ochre and cream colour on the center of all surfaces, leaving all folds black.
the white one has rims of ochre, and antlers with a touch of gold.