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I always enjoyed boxing, so have had a bag in my patio for years. A couple of years ago, i exchanged my old bag (big mistake) for a new bag. I didn't realize they new bags have cloth straps instead of hanging chains.

The straps only lasted a couple of years before they tore. So I had to find a new way to hang the bag.

After brainstorming for a long time, the light finally came on.

Step 1: Use the Lip

I noticed there was a lip around the top of the bag, I also had metal strap and a bunch of rivets.
I was on to something

Step 2: Use Metal (plumbing Strap) and Rivets

I placed the strap inside the lip and made holes along the lip to match the holes in the metal strap.

Once in place, I riveted every other hole all around the bag to secure it.

Bough 6 S Hooks from the hardware store and place each hook through the bag lip and the metal strap

Step 3: Hang It Up.

I asked a co-worker if he had any scrap chain in his pile of junk.

He had a bunch of chain for me to use.

I proceed to cut 6 small pieces of chain for each "S" hook and hung the bag. The rest of the hanging hardware I had kept from the old bag.

It's been hanging for 6 months with no problem. The material the bag is made out of is anti-rip plastic so I expect it to last a long time.

Enjoy reusing your bag.

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