Introduction: Bracelet From Old Wiring Looms

Loom bands are hugely popular at the moment. I thought I would turn this on its head and and make a band from a wiring loom - these are inside computers and other devices and are used to connect modules such as disk drives and motherboards.

Step 1: Materials

I have cut the plugs off the ends of the wiring loom and you will need something to bind the ends with - I will be using shrink wrap. You need 9 strands of wire.

Step 2: Starting

Take 3 strands and plait them toghether..

Step 3: Plaiting

When you get to the end of the first three wires, hold the end together with an elastic band or paperclip.

When you have done all three lots of three, then plait these together.

Step 4: Finishing

Finish of the other end with a piece of shrink wrap. I then went on to add a further two pieces of black shrink wrap on to which I sewed a hook and eye to make a clasp.

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