Introduction: Guitar Pick Ear Ring

Continuing my search for inexpensive, but unique, jewellery I was looking aroud the room when I came upon a guitar pick.

There is something inherantly cool about guitar picks. They imply that you can play the guitar, thus you just might be a rock god.

Step 1: Ingredients.


Pin (or other) drill

2 jump rings

2 ear wires

2 guitar picks

Step 2: Drill the Picks

Any small drill will do.

Step 3: Open the Jump Rings

Open the jump rings by BENDING SIDEWAYS. For technical metalurgical reasons involving Elastic Limits and Work Hardening you will not be able to close it again if you just pull it apart.

Take a paper clip and see it you can straighten it. I taught materials science for a bit so trust me on this one.

Step 4: Assemble

Thread the ear wire and pick onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring by bending sideways again.

Step 5: Finished Product.

Sorry I could not find a better model, but Mrs davefhunt was in the bath.

Guitar picks come in all sorts of shapes and colours. Sadly I have just moved house so these were the only two I could find. They are light and you can decorate them in all sorts of ways.