Introduction: Braided Bun

Step 1: Things Needed

-a brush
-2 ponytails
-bobby pins if needed

Step 2: Ponytail

Brush your hair out with a wet brush and put it in a high ponytail.

Step 3: Twisting

Twist your hair by rolling your finger throughout your hair. This will make a cool looking bun. Make sure to twist it very tight and DON'T LET GO. If you do let go make sure to restart.

Step 4: Putting Your Hair Into a Bun

Step 5: Spraying

Spray your hair with hairspray.

Step 6: Bobby Pins

Put bobby pins in the spots that hair is sticking out at also put some in your bun to make it stay in longer.

Step 7: What It Could Look Like With Hair Out of the Bun

These are some options of what your hair might look like when u take out the bun.

Hope u like my instructable/ DIY. Thx for looking at it,bye.

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