Introduction: Braided Rug DIY

This is how to make a wonderful, soft, and squishy braided rug. You can choose whether to do small circles or large, one or many. You can choose your colors too! You will have so much fun making a beautiful new addition to your home. I have a great video to watch as well as written instructions here. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

You will need

  • Fleece Fabric in whatever colors you like
  • Thread
  • Needles
  • Rotary Cutter or Fabric Scissors
  • Ruler or Yard Stick
  • Cutting Mat

Step 2: Cut Fabric

Take one piece of fabric and fold it in half. Cut three two-inch strips along the side of the fabric so you can braid them.

Step 3: Connect Strands

Take the strips of fabric and put them on top of one another. Then sew the ends of them together so that you can begin to braid.

Sew by starting on the side and working your way over to the other side so that the thread does not come undone.

Step 4: Begin Braid

Begin your braid by folding each of your strands in half, so that the side of the fabric you want to touch is on the outside. Then proceed to braid the folded fabric neatly, with the edges facing upwards because it makes the other side look more even.

When you finish with your braid, tie the end strands together so that you can add on to it later without the braid unraveling.

Step 5: Add Fabric

If you want to make your braid longer, take a new strip of fabric and put them together with the exterior side facing in. Then sew the pieces together starting on one side and going over the top to the other.

Once you have the top sewn, fold the fabric so that the excess fabric is on the inside and sew the fold together.

Do this for each strand.

Step 6: Sew

Tuck the beginning of your braid under itself to hide the edge.

Then wrap your braid around the center in a circle so that you can make a disc.

Choose which part of the braid to come out on top, and then on your bottom sew the sides of the braid together tightly from the outside in.

Step 7: End Braid

Once you have your rug braided and sewed together, take the last bit and tuck in underneath the rug so that you do not have anything pointing out.

Then go under and sew the end into the bottom of the rug so the top can look seamless!

Step 8: Sew the Circles

If you want a different kind of rug with many colors, you can make as many different circles as you like and connect them.

To sew many circles together, take the bottom of the rugs and put them next to each other. Then take one of the colors and sew the two rugs together tightly. If you run out of thread, make sure you go back a bit and re-thread over the last part so that your stitches do not come out.

Step 9: Celebrate!!!

Now you have made your very own rug!!! Your possibilities are endless. You can add more or take off or make many! Enjoy having a soft and squishy place to walk on that you made yourself.

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