Introduction: Brain Slug! Sew With Pattern

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You will never be alone again with your own Brain Slug!

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Step 1: Brain Slug Party... Join Now!

Tools include

  • Sewing machine
  • free form embroidery foot
  • Scissors for paper and fabric
  • pins
  • needle for hand stitching
  • Knitting needle


  • Green and White polar fleece
  • green, white, black thread
  • Headband, adhesive, metal nuts
  • Strong magnet

Download and print the pattern here:

Step 2: Cut the Pieces

From the brain slug pattern

You will need 3 of the body pieces, 4 antenna pieces, 1 underbelly and one pocket piece all in green.

You will also need one eye in white.

I used a rotary cutter along with fabric scissors to get the pieces.

Step 3: Make the Eye

On the white fleece, mark the center.

Using black thread.

If you have a free form embroidery foot fill in a small round area a little over a quarter of an inch in diameter at the point you marked. If there is still white showing, colour in with a black felt tipper marker.

Using white thread.

Pin the eye to the middle of the right side of one green body piece then sew it in place getting as close to the edge of the white as possible.

Step 4: Make the Antennae

Pin 2 antenna pieces together with the right sides facing.

With you machine needle set to the center position use the right side of the foot along the edge, stitch along the long edge, around the bulb then back along the other edge. be sure to leave the bottom open and remember to lock the ends of the stitching.

You will need your knitting needle for the next bit!

Do not trim the seems and fold the antennae right side out.

Step 5: Assemble the Body

Place 2 pieces of the body together with right sides facing.

Pin along one side.

Using green thread and the right side of your machine foot as a guide, sew along the pinned edge from the top to the edge point. This is white to red pins in the picture.

Unfold and attach the third body piece than pin and sew as before.

The final edge will complete the body.

Fold right side out, if the top does not dome nicely, sew off the top corners from the inside as shown

Step 6: Hand Sew the Antennae

Fold the rough edge of the antennae inside of the base of the antenna, about a quarter of an inch.

With the slug right side out, choose a point to attach the antennas, once satisfied, pin them in place.

Using a needle and green thread, from the inside of the slug, and sew the antennas in place using an overhand loop. Sew around the entire lower edge of the antenna. repeat for the other one!

Step 7: Attach the Underbelly

Position the pocket piece on the right side of the underbelly and using green thread, sew around the edge of the pocket leaving a 3/4 inch opening, lock the ends of the stitching. This will create a pocket for a magnet to be placed in but also will mare is a non-permanent solution in case you just want to use this as a decoration?

Turn the body wrong side out and tuck the antennae out of the way.

With no magnet in place, place the underbelly against the body, align the tentacles with right sides facing. pin then together. do this all the way around the body leaving the space between two adjacent tentacles on a back body piece opened. I marked this with double pins so that I wouldn't sew there.

Sew along the entire edge of the body using the right edge of machine foot as a guide be sure to lock stitch the ends.

Turn the slug right side out.

Step 8: Stuff and Finish

With the slug right side out, stuff a softball size of scrap fleece into the body through the opening in the rear.

I chose to not over-stuff this one so that the tentacles remain floppy so to grip my head.

Fold the rear opening edges over then pin the opening shut.

Using a needle and green thread, sew the opening closed as shown, tucking the thread ends into the body.

With the needle and green thread, sew the thread to a small piece of fleece about the size of a dime.

In the center of the underbelly, inside of the pocket, squeeze the body flat and push the needle all the way through the body, exiting as close to the top of the head as possible.

Pull the thread tight until the tentacles hang and look like a Pac-Man ghost (yes without the antennas this can be used to make those as well). Hand stitch at the top to lock this in place.

Step 9: Head Band

Using a strong flexible adhesive attach a metallic object to the upper side of a headband as shown.

These were at the drug store, 3 for $5. The decorative band was held on with not so sticky adhesive, this was removed to bare plastic.

Step 10: Insert Magnet and Enjoy

I used a very strong magnet from an old computer hard drive.

A coin inside a hat works

The headband

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