Introduction: BrainFoodies

BrainFoodies are the low fat brownies filled with nuts. It is a doping for your brainiac performance. BrainFoodies are designed and tested to be comapct, tasty energy boosters that kick-off brain activity. It is perfect for healthy people that do creative and non-routine work. A normal size cookie gives you energy to flow for an hour. Add proportionally more to stay alert for longer time stretches.

Step 1: Theory

The BrainFoodies contain perfect mix for energy supply to the entire body. You will not experience hunger (meat cells stavation) or laziness (nerve cells starvation). There will be no distraction to your work if consumed with sufficient water intake. You will not experience a burnout after that.

A burnout is typical for most of intensive brain boosters that aren't properly ballanced. Excessive sugar, cofein or cocoa - all can lead to tiredness and significant health risks. It is especially important for repetitive regular consumption of brain boosters.

A minor overdose of boosters kicks brain activity high. The energy gets quickly burned out while your body is still turning high spins. Your brain needs some time to slow down. The inertia of cognition is most similar to the mechanical inertia.  The abrupt stop of energy supply to the highly active brain leads to a nerve cell starvation. This effect causes the sensation of burnout.

In many cases (typical for cookies) better balancing means mixing-in less "doping" stuff and putting into cookies more fillaments. The fillaments add to your waist line. They decrease the boosting effect and add to the health stress. The watering down of cookies is a  bad practice. The more saftey there is in a brain food design, the less suitable it is for continuous consumption. The more a brain food is designed for safety, the less boosting effect it would have.

BrainFoodies take a different approach to boost brain activity to the highest possible level without risking a burnout. The approach phases brain activity out. It uses the fact that the energy from food gets in human blood at different speeds. The typical boosters like cocoa and sugar are quickly absorbed. But the nuts are slowly digested. Nut's energy gets into blood with a significant delay. Nuts have high energy concentration that almost mimics other boosters.  A superposition of speed-boosters and slow-boosters gives perfect long lasting high impact energy mix.

BrainFoodies is a standard energy bar for brainiacs.
(If you absolutely need it, ask me for BrainFoodies+ the ultimate energy bar for brainiacs)

Step 2: Components


a drinking glass - main measure. Any size of glass will fit, but typically 240 ml or 0.5 LB.
a tea spoon - secondary measurement unit. It has the high of the glass, whatever the glass was.

a mixing bowl . It has to be a large one
a backing pane about an inch high
a boiling pan . Any one with size at least 300 ml
a mixing spoon . Typically a wooden spoon
a kitchen knife
(optional) a juicer to squeeze lemons
(optional) aluminum foil
(optional) paper towel


2 glasses - powdered sugar (confectioner's sugar)
2 and 1/2 glasses - flour . All purpose - not self-raising!
1/2 glass - cocoa .
from 4/5 to 1 glass - shortening . Good resilts with olive oil (1 glass), backing margarine or butter (4/5 glass).
1 glass - nuts (crude chopped). Good results with walnuts.
1 tea spoon - backing powder .
3 - eggs (15 tea spoons - egg whites' mix)
1/2 tea spoon - salt .
(optional) 2 - lemons.
(optional) 6 tea spoons - vanilla extract.

Time demand is under an hour.

Step 3: Mix the Powders

Add 2 glasses of sugar + 2,5 glasses of flour + 0.5 glass of cocoa + 1 tea spoon backing powder + 0.5 tea spoon of salt into a bowl. Mix the powder until all components are evenly distributed.

Required time is about 5 min.

Step 4: Shortening

1. put 1 glass of shortening into a pan
2. (skip if you use olive oil) heat butter at low flame until it completely dissolves into fluid. Mix it at later heating stages. Don't let it boil.
3. pour 6 tea spoons of vanilla extract into the shortening. mix

Required time is about 10 min.

Step 5: Mixing Powder and Oil

1. Pour liquid shortening mix into the bowl with powdered mix.
2. Mix the result untill there is no dry particle untouched by oil. It is very important that every flour particle sucks some shortening. The final mix will be close to dry and hard to move around the bowl.  Do not go to the next step untill you are sure that you've mixed it properly.

Required time is about 5 min.

Step 6: Final Mix

1. put 3 eggs into the bowl (or 15 tea spoons of egg liquid)
2. (optional) squeeze 2 lemons. You should get the juice about 1/4 of glass
3. pour lemon juice into the bowl. It is a natural preservant that lets to store the cookies for about two weeks. It also makes the final product soft and fluffy. (Alternatively you could get the softness by mixing backing powder with several drops of vinegar. You mix the powder with vinegar prior to adding it to the mix in step 3. Then you add the "boiling" powder mix in step 6 instead of step 3.)
4. mix the mass in the bowl until there is no separation between watery and oily fractions.
5. (optional) Chopp the nuts. The nuts should be big enouth. The size of the nuts determines how much time does it take to digest the contained energy.  The bigger are the nuts, the better. Too huge nuts will force the consumer to chew the cookie so that the nuts will be grinded. Typically the grinding process makes nuts much smaller than the size that can be swallowed.
6. add the nuts into the bowl. 
7. mix the final result until the nuts are evenly distributed.

Required time is about 10 min.

Step 7: Bake

1. cover the baking pane with aluminum foil.
2. put the dough into the pane.
3. vibrate the dough with the spoon to displace the masses evenly over the pane.
4. put the pane into oven at 350°F or 180°C
5. bake for 30 to 35 minutes.

Required time is about 35 min.

Step 8: Packaging

1. take the cookie out of the oven. Cheeck with a knife that dough doesn't stick to the blade if poked through.
2. cut in pattern that you like.
3. cover the cookie with a paper towel strip. Thin towels need two layers.
4. turn over the pane so, that the cookie are on the table top and paper towel.
5. pull the pane off.
6. let the cookies to sit for 30 minutes.
7. pick and package cookies as you wish.

Required time is about 5 min + 30 min.