Introduction: Brainstorm

Halloween is the one time of the year to get creative and dress up in a unique one of a kind costume. I spend a lot of time to think of what to dress as. Each year I try to go out a few times so that I can dress up in various different ways. I spent some time brainstorming costumes and decided on an actual “brainstorm” (a pun/play on words).

I have seen people do the puns before - cereal killer, gold digger, deer in headlights, etc. - and have not seen the brainstorm done before. I decided to do this one week before Halloween so my time was a little limited.

Step 1: What You'll Need

I had to figure out exactly how I was going to do this. The first step was to search for people who had done rain/clouds/storm type of costumes. I did not want to carry an umbrella around so I chose to do a hat instead as the cloud. Then, I went shopping to find the items used for this costume.

Here are the items I used.

Wide Brim Hat

Bloody Brain Cap (does not look this bloody in person)

Strand of Beads

Yellow Fabric (Any craft store) Cotton Filling (Any craft store); I used an old pillow Craft Glue Any Gray Shirt / Clothes you have Safety Pins Stapler

Step 2: Putting It Together


Cut the beads into long strands to the length of your liking. Mine were about 18 inches.

Using a stapler, attach the beads to the hat.

Glue the cotton stuffing onto the hat to make a cloud. Leave the top center open to glue the brain.

Cut off the “bandage” part from the bloody brain.

Glue the brain onto the top center of the hat.

Print out a lightning bolt template online or free hand outline it on the fabric.

Safety Pin the lightning bolt to your shirt.

Options / Variations:

If you find a different brain, this can be attached more towards the front of the hat. Instead of beads, pin cut out rain drops on the shirt. Headband with smaller brain, clouds and a lightning bolt

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