Masquerade Massacre (Flesh Mask)




Introduction: Masquerade Massacre (Flesh Mask)

Masquerade Parties are always fun but for Halloween tis year, we decided to add a twist by ripping the skin off our face which were the masks. We got so many compliments from this look!

Step 1: What You'll Need...

  • Masks. One of the more sturdier masks that will hold the paint well. Not the flimsy plastic types. Something used for crafts would be good.
  • Stick to attach to the mask.
  • Liquid Latex
  • Cream Makeup. The halloween stores have this. Get ones in a variety of shades of red - at least three. I used three for the costume.
  • Foundation or concealer to make your skin tone
  • Blood gel or Dried Blood and Liquid Blood
  • Tissues, Makeup Sponges, and Cotton Swabs
  • Sharpie, Glue Stick, Craft Glue
  • Clothes you desire to wear (i.e. dress, corset, suit)

Step 2: The Masks...

  1. Trim the mask down to a size of your liking.
  2. Make sure it where it lies of the face isn’t up in your hair line (you don’t want liquid latex in your hair).
  3. Cover the mask in liquid latex to achieve a “skin” look
  4. Use Cream makeup, foundation or paint to cover the mask.
  5. Paint on eyebrows.
  6. Attach small pieces of string or staples on the edges
  7. Add some liquid blood around the edges
  8. Wait for it to dry.
  9. Spray the mask with hairspray to “set” it and prevent easy smearing.
  10. Paint or color the stick black with a sharpie.
  11. Glue the stick to the masks.
  12. Attach any feathers or decorations you desire (optional)

Step 3: The Makeup...

  1. Do your eye makeup how you desire (eye liner, mascara).
  2. Trace the mask outline with eyeliner including two circles around your eyes. Remember the mask takes the eyebrows off.
  3. On the outer part, add the liquid latex. Don’t do the inner circles with liquid latex due to safety near the eyes.
  4. Take tissue and rip into strips. Attach these around the edge. Put more liquid latex on top.
  5. Repeat several times to add more layers. Let this dry for a few minutes.
  6. Cover this with your foundation or concealer. Use powder to help set this.
  7. Pull up the inner edge of this “skin” to make it look like the skin was ripped off.
  8. This can be uneven and pulled in various ways.
  9. Take the darkest of the cream makeup and covers the rest of area.
  10. Use two other shades of red makeup to add random spots to make it a “blotchy” look Add the gel or dried blood in various areas
  11. Use the liquid blood to cover the entire area.
  12. Keep adding more blood until you are happy with the look.
  13. Add liquid drips to add the finishing touch.

Step 4: The Reaction...

We went to a local event and many people kept coming up to us saying how realistic and scary our costume was. There were many great costumes everywhere, so I was glad that we were complimented so often on ours! We had a blast putting the masks to our face and taking it away when we had people approach us.

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    7 years ago

    Whoa! This is so creepy. I love it! :D


    7 years ago

    I made a few tweaks thanks for sharing

    15, 11:23 AM.jpg

    7 years ago

    Appropriately creepy. Well done.