Introduction: Bread Rolls

My mom used to make these to me.I like them  very much so I thought of sharing it's recipe with you guys.

Step 1: You Need

You will need:
 3)Bread slices
 5)Basil Leaves
and some common spices
    and kitchen supplies.

Step 2: Boil Potatoes and Peel Them

Boil potatoes in a pressure cooker or microwave and peel them.
As the potatoes boils meanwhile cut the onions.

Step 3: Time to Make Stuffing

Take some oil (for shallow fry)  in a pan. In it put 2-3 basil leaves and a cardamom.

Step 4: Onions

Put the chopped onions in the pan and cook till they become light golden.

Step 5: Potatoes and Spices

Mash the boiled potatoes and put them in the pan with the onions.
Add some spices 
Chilly powder
Garam Masala (if you don't have it you can make it here )
Dried mango powder.

Step 6: Mix Well

Mix everything in the pan till it becomes a thick mixture.
It should look something like this.
You can put some half sliced cashews and resins as well.

Step 7: Cool Down

Take out the mixture out of the pan and let it cool down a bit (10-15 mins).

Step 8: Submerge the Bread

Take some water in a bowl and submerge a bread slice in the water (for 5 sec. approx)  and remove its side edges a bit.

Step 9: Filling

Put some mixture on the bread slice.

Step 10: Make a Ball

make a ball of it. 
Bring all the four corners together and press them with your fingers. 
If you don't remove the edges properly the ball will open while frying

Step 11: Fry It

Put some oil for deep frying in a pan or a fryer or what ever you use for frying
and put the balls in.
fry till they become brown in color.

Step 12: Eat

Eat it as you like.
I eat them with tomato ketchup they taste super with it.

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