Breakfast Spam Burrito




Introduction: Breakfast Spam Burrito

I have a lot of spam in my pantry, so I had to figure out creative ways to get rid of it, so I started browsing the different recipe in the spam website that I can make out of food I have in my fridge. The result is, the breakfast spam burrito!
I decided to modify the ingredients and ways of cooking to make it more like an actual burrito, minus the rice (because I don't like rice in my wraps).

Step 1: Ingredients

* Tortilla Wrap or Flat or Pita Bread

* Canned beans in Molasses

* Egg

* Spam

* Cheese Slice

* Butter

* Salt

Kitchen Supplies

* Small bowl

* Small pan

* Cutting Board and Knife

Step 2: Mise En Place


* Crack an egg into a small bowl.

* Beat the egg until it is uniformly scrambled.


* Cut the spam to thin rectangular slices

Step 3: Pan Fry the Spam

* Heat the pan on medium heat

* Add half a teaspoon butter or margarine onto a small pan. This will give the spam a bit of a kick from the butter

* Pan fry the spam until it is slightly darker in colour

* Set the spam aside in a small bowl

Step 4: Cook the Egg

* Add the scrambled egg onto a small pan on medium heat

* As the egg begins to set, continue to stir it, such that it will be cooked scrambled.

* Add a pinch of salt to the scrambled egg

Step 5: Assembling the Burrito

* prepare the tortilla wrap on a flat plate

* Add equal amounts of the scrambled egg and spam onto the centre of the tortilla wrap

* Add small pieces of cheese slices onto the warm egg and spam on the tortilla wrap

* Add a couple of teaspoons of beans to the burrito

* Fold both sides and add a bit of cheese slice to "glue" the wrap together

Step 6: Grill or Pan-fry the Burrito Wrap

* Heat the pan on medium heat

* Pan fry or grill the assembled burrito wrap until both sides are slightly brown

Enjoy your meal!

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    I used to love eating spam burritos in the morning when I was younger. Now a days where I live spam is a luxury food so its just bean burrito and cheese in the morning