Introduction: Breathable Mask Mod for Exercise

About: Interactive technologist/industrial designer

Increase amount number of people are wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, as the temperature keeps rising through the summer, it has be come harder and harder to breath through the mask when it's soaking wet with sweat. And anyone who has tried to exercise with these masks on will share the same experience, that is why i started this project: making a mod for the mask breathable when sweating

Step 1: Concept

The most problem that I have, is when I start sweating, the mask become wet, and hard to breath through, because the mask start moving along when i breath in. So I think it would solve this problem if I create some structure support for the mask.

I started prototype with wires, and test if it work well.

Step 2: Fusion 360 and 3d Printing

After a quick proof of concept, I upload a reference image to fusion 360, and create the model for the structure. the structure are all flat pieces, so it would work great with laser cut, unfortunately, I cant afford one, so I use the 3d printer I have to print some tests

Step 3: Adjust Measurement

Since i use rulers to get rough measurements, i print some test and adjust the fitting.

The structure should fit nicely in the mask, the top and bottom should lightly touch the tip of the nose and bottom/front of the chin and finally, the side should also lightly touch the face.

Step 4: Complete!

and thats it!

Here's a test video comparing before using the structure and after using the structure

here is the fusion file for download and adjust to fit your face

thingiverse link