Introduction: Broken CD Bird

About: Hi! My name in Miranda Sarmiento. I am an architect and I really like art and creativity.

Hi, in this instructable we will give life to our old CDs, this time we will create a hummingbird shaped mobile with beautiful colors and reflections.

Step 1: Materials

  • Some CDs
  • A small wooden sphere
  • A walnut-shaped wood to form the body
  • Hot silicone
  • Wood glue
  • Scalpel
  • Cooking shears
  • Ruler
  • Black plasticine
  • Round balsa sticks
  • Vitraplom golden color
  • Fuchsia and purple markers

Step 2: Body of the Bird

Glue the two wooden figures and let dry.

Step 3: Cut CDs

Trim the CD a little with the kitchen scissors.

To perform the separation of the two layers the scalpel is used as seen in the video.

Make the following form with the ruler and the scalpel on the CDs that are going to be used and with the scissors we cut through the guide the 4 pieces that form the wings and from the square the different sizes of triangles come out to stick them on the body and the head .

Step 4: Paste CD Clippings

Paste the faces of the CDs.

For the face that we are not going to use put glue and then paste the two equal parts.

Step 5: Wings

We put the first layer of wings, we put a point of glue to each of them, then successively we put the different pieces to form the wings of the hummingbird.

Step 6: Tail

Form the figure of the tail of the hummingbird and stick with glue one piece on another as seen in the images. If a longer tail is desired, pieces of different sizes are made.

Step 7: Arrange Wings on the Hummingbird

With silicone stick the wings to the hummingbird body.

Step 8: Hummingbird Body

Stick with silicone each of the triangles cut on the body from bottom to top

Step 9: Hummingbird's Beak

With the round balsa stick of 5 mm in diameter we measure a length of 8 cm and we divide it into two parts, the top part will be the longest and with the rounded tip and the bottom part is shorter and flatter. Then with the golden Vitraplon paint the peak, leave the paint with lumps or uneven to give a bit of realism and detail.

Finally, glue the two parts one on top of the other leaving it half open.

Step 10: Eyes

With the plasticine make a ball of approximately 1 cm of diameter. With the scalpel, we divide it in half and place it in a colander and let it dry. Finally, glue the two parts on top of the peak leaving it half open.

Step 11: Eye Contour

To form the eye contour we painted a CD on the white part with the fuchsia and purple markers, we cut it into smaller triangles to stick them on the head to the side and side of the beak. Finally, we paste the plasticine eyes made above the contours.

And we finish the remaining spaces by filling the head to give the final result.

Step 12: Finishing

Hang inside or outside the house to decorate.

I hope that you all enjoyed this Instructable! Thanks for reading and watching.

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