Introduction: Broken Hoverboard to Free Electricity Generator

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In this Instructable you can see how to make a generator at home easy.
Covert a broken hoverboard motor and a fitness bike to a homemade electricity generator. I hope you can use it to make your own project better. It is a very easy and fast to make project. I used some recovered parts like the hoverboard motor and the bridge rectifier. The motor mount frame is easy to make, intall and remove. With this setup you can produce electricity and stay fit :)!

Step 1: Hoverboard Motor Adapter

First remove one motor from the broken hoverboard.

Build a simple frame from square steel pipe to fit your fitness bike.

The frame will be mounted on the bike replacing the transportation wheels, no other modification is needed.

The motor frame can be removed and the bike can be used for the original purpose

Use a steel spring between the bike frame and the motor frame to keep the two wheels in contact.

Step 2: Wiring and Electronics

The 36v 350w motor from the hoverboard can produce AC current.
I soldered the 3 wires from the motor to a bridge rectifier recovered from a car alternator. This way I obtain DC current. I then conected it to a Solar Controller and a 12v car battery.

Step 3: Performance, RPM, Etc.

Without or with minimum load it can produce 60v at the maximum rpm I could spin it. At a normal(low) pedaling speed it can produce 3-5 Amps and 14.5 Volts. I checked the rpm with a tachometer and at 600rpm the motor can produce 10-11Amps and 16Volts.

The motor spins harder for 10 amps but the pedaling rate is not very hi.

To improve it some gears can be added to the bike, this way pedaling will be faster but easy.

I hope this will inspire and help you with your projects!! :)

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