Introduction: Steampunk DIY Phone Case - Copper and Brass

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Hello everyone, today I will show you how I created a steampunk/clockpunk phone case using
only brass and copper parts. It is not a very simple diy project but the result is great.

Step 1: Preparing the Copper Case

Cut a 2 pieces of copper sheet about 5mm bigger than your phone, one for the top and one for the bottom. I used 0,5mm thick copper sheet.

Cut another piece that is very long and 3mm bigger than the thickness of your phone. Bend it and try to make a rectangle shape. The phone must fit inside the rectangle. Put the rectangular piece on the piece for the top part.

Use solder and gas torch to attach the parts. Leave the piece to cool. Use 360 grit sandpaper to remove imperfections. Remove the excess metal with an electric disc sander.

Step 2: The Frame

Cut some pieces of brass sheet, 5mm wide . I used 0,3mm thick brass sheet.

Make holes and insert brass pins in every hole. Use the gass torch and solder to attach the pins. Cut the pins and sand the excess with the disc sander.

Put the pieces on top of the piece you made earlier and use solder to attach them.

Use sandpaper to remove imperfections, I used a belt sander.

Step 3: Gears and Cogs

Use brass pieces , cogs and gears recovered from old broken clocks to make a cool design

Make holes and use soldered brass pins to attach the gears on the brass plate. Be careful not to solder the cogs and gears to the brass plate, the gears and cogs must rotate. Use the electric disc sander to remove the excess material. The back of the plate must be flat.

Step 4: Back Piece

Draw the shape of the hole needed for the camera. Use a fret saw to cut the hole and a file to make it perfect.

Use solder to attach the hinges to the bottom and top part

For the locking piece I used a triangle ring picture frame hanger, mounted on the bottom part and a brass screw on the top part.

Make holes and use a tap to make thread. Use brass screws to attach the plates with cogs and gears on the top piece.

Step 5: Patina

Use copper and brass aging acid and sandpaper to make the patina look

I also used some polish and wax solution at the end.

Step 6: Final Step

Use double sided tape to attach a phone case to the metal one.

Put the phone inside.

I hope you like it!! :)

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