Introduction: Broken Remote Battery Cover

After dealing with a broken battery cover on my remote I decided to check Instructables to see if someone could help me. I found two excellent Instructables by "Big Nate 84" and "Crypter" but neither worked for me since the clasp or tab that pushes into the remote was broken off. But thanks to them, I now had some ideas...

Step 1: How Does It Work?

I looked at an unbroken remote cover. The clasp was flexible - squeeze it to press into the remote and it springs back out enough to hold the cover in place. Squeeze again to remove the cover. My plan was to find a material that could bend into a "v" but would spring back open. Then hot glue it onto the remaining part of the clasp.

Step 2: Find the Right Material

I found a heavy weight, black wire tie which was flexible and springy. As a bonus it matched really well. Unfortunately, it was too thick so I chose a more typical medium weight white wire tie. I bent it in half and clamped it then checked it out. I could squeeze it closed about as easy as the tab on the unbroken cover and it sprung back open when released. It was also narrow enough that the sides would not need trimming. By the way, did you get it – “checked” it out!

Step 3: Hot Glue Into Place

The first picture shows the plan. I put a big blob of hot glue on the broken tab and pushed the wire tie into it then added some more glue on top.

Step 4: The Cover Stays On

After it cooled, I snapped it on to the remote and it worked! It also came off just like it originally did. The last step was to trim the excess glue and the wire tie end. The cover sits a smidge higher than it should but it is not really noticeable, especially with the ugly blob of glue as a distraction. It stays on with normal handling but will fall out with a rough shake. I hope you have enjoyed this Instructable and find it helpful.