Introduction: Brook One Piece Mask

I love the characters of One Piece manga so I built this mask for my son,

I modified with a 3D software character brooke then I imported into the software pepakura and have created the parts, then I printed the pdf (which I have attached, if you use it as a source mentioned this instructable)

Step 1: Print and Cut

A4 paper for printer

cutters and scissors


polyurethane /epoxy resin


sandpaper acrylic paint

Print the pdf on cardboard, cut and paste parts with glue PVA.

Step 2: Resin

When the glue has hardened,

externally coated with resin,

when the resin is hardened,

strengthen internally with paper mache,

Step 3: Teeth

add teeth white foam following the design in pdf

Step 4: Futty

putty externally to round sides and finish with sandpaper, then fill it again and smooth.

Now paint the outside with acrylic enamel.

behind the eye sockets I put blacks cylinder of foam to deepen the look, then I attached two elastic blacks to wear it.
before wearing the mask wearing a black balaclava and sunglasses blacks then wear an Afro wig and brook is ready to play.

Step 5: Brook Is Redy

Good luck and have fun.

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